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Click the link below for a predicted calendar of class events. Daily class activities are likely to shift but evaluation dates and show dates are firm.

Coach Jones is the Head Director of the Haltom Dance Department. Click the link below to visit her teacher website!

Coach Gibson is the Assistant Director of the Haltom Dance Department. Click the link below to visit her teacher website!

Welcome to the Haltom High School Dance Department website. Here you will find helpful information about our teams and classes as well as a wealth of student resources.

Coach Jones


The 2019 Dance Department Winter Show, Haltom Holiday, is Friday, December 13th at 7:00 PM. The show features all beginner, intermediate and advanced dance classes, Highsteppers, and New Image Crew. Admission to the show is a contribution to the Dorothy Size Toy & Canned Food Drive. We Hope to see you there!

About Us

The Haltom Dance Department consist of over 300 students ranging from grades 9-12. In the dance department there are beginner, intermediate, and advanced dancers, the Highsteppers drill team and the hip hop crew New Image Crew. The dance department produces 3 shows every year; the Winter Show (Dec.), the Winter Show (Jan./Feb.), and the Spring Show (Apr.). 

At Haltom students have the opportunity to take dance as a PE and a Fine Arts credit. While in dance class the students get to experience several dance genres such as ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern, cultural, contemporary and lyrical. 

As a member of the dance department students will get the opportunity to take field trips, dance department socials.

Haltom Dance Department